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    Main Features and Technical Specifications of KX88HC
    ●88 keys with Aftertouch
    ●Pitch bend wheel and Modulation wheel
    ●8 assignable knobs, preset functions include:Cutoff/Resonance/Attack/Release/PAN/Reverb/Chorus/Tempo
    ●9 assignable faders(sliders), preset functions include channel volume(chn1-chn16) and master volume
    ●LED display, 10 control buttons for program change, Transpose, Octave, channel, Split, Dual and many others.
    ●6 Sequencer remote control buttons: REC, PLAY, STOP, FF, REW.
    ●Optional BC(breath Controller) port, audio port, fire-wire connection, and as well as high speed USB2.0.
    ●1 midi output port
    ●2 assignable pedal connectors, preset functions include sustain pedal and soft pedal
    ●USB port, power can be supplied with USB.
    ●Compatible with WinMe/XP/7/8/10 and Mac OSX without additional drivers.
    ●Compatible with major sequencer and audio software Technical Specifications Keyboard
    ◆C1-C5, hammer action/channel after touch Functions
    ◆MIDI data: Patch Select, Bank Select, Sequencer Control, MIDI Clock, Control Change, GM & GS & XG System Initialize. and etc.
    ◆Assignable Parameters: Transpose (Including Octave Ajustment), MIDI Transmit Channel, Velocity Curve(Adjusting keyboard split point.) Panel Controls and Indicators
     ◆8 Assignable knobs(including 8 indicators), 9 Assignable faders (including 8 indicators)
    ◆1 knob function switch (with 2 indicators), 1 fader function switch (with 3 indicators)
    ◆6 sequencer control buttons (with 2 indicators), including Home, Backward , Fast Forward, REC, Stop, and Play
    ◆10 function buttons (with 9 indicators), consist of Patch, Transpose, Octave, Dual, Split, Velocity curve, Aftertouch, Controller assignment and controller select..
    ◆2 pedal select indicator Display 8 segments, 3 digits LED Input/Output Terminals
    ◆1 MIDI Out ◆1 USB port ◆2 Pedal ports ◆1 DC input socket
    ◆1 power switch Power Supply ◆12V Stable DC In ◆USB powered

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